Wondering Wednesdays – point zero


A colleague was saying to me yesterday that they came across an old picture of me and the difference was amazing. I still have a little seed of fear that the weight will creep back on but I have strategies and approaches to help. One of the things I fine helpful is identifying tools that help me think through areas of my life which I want to address. I haven’t made resolutions as such but have identified some areas I want to work on. This is one tool I am planning to use in some teaching soon and based on some of the things I have been thinking about I need to use it to explore day to day recreation… I am beginning to think of some of the changes I can make so once this is finished the laptop will go away and I will take up my knitting!

Draw a circle on a piece of paper, divide it into six wedges. Label the wedges as follows: work, recreation, spirituality, friendship, adventure, physicality (or terms that resonate with you). Draw a dot in the wedge that represents your satisfaction in that area, the nearer the dot is to the outside of the circle the more satisfied you are. Join the dots together. What sort of hexagon do you have? Choose one of the areas where you don’t have optimum satisfaction and list some small changes you could make in that area. This exercise can be adapted to a range of contexts such as six aspects of your work, perspectives of stakeholders etc.
(adapted from Cameron 2004:23)
Cameron, Julia (2004). The Sound of Paper. London: Michael Joseph.


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