Wondering Wednesdays – saying morning prayer


One of the lovely things about working in a theological college is getting to pray together and on Wednesday we have Faculty Prayers. On Tuesdays my team has prayer and toast! Two different opportunities but both give the opportunity to experience different perspectives and approaches to prayer. Today it is my turn to lead and I am using the Northumbria Community Daily Prayer. The reading (from the Aidan collection) is this:
Jesus stands on the shore and whistles
for his people to respond, wave upon
wave. He calls them to bind the
broken-hearted, and to build up waste places. Bryan Pollard.
We remember too Antony of Egypt today and the entry in Celtic Daily Prayer reminds us that he is seen as the founder of monasticism. Perhaps today we could find a little piece of solitude to remember some of those who have gone before us and shaped where we are now. Today my Facebook memory was of others who helped to form CYM into what it is and I am grateful for them and aware I am the only one still involved in the same way – God has not yet moved me on which reflects my commitment to stability as a vow drawing from Benedictine spirituality. I appreciate the grounding of these different opportunities.


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