Honest Christianity: Groundhog week: It’s not all resurrection

Today I shared a few thoughts in our Easter Sunday service at the hospital. I was was very mindful of the spectrum of children and families present. You don’t need me to explain where they might be physically, physiologically and spiritually. Several parents cried during the service, one very disabled young person smiled throughout and there was lots of cheerful noise from the back as families came and went to see the newly hatched chicks. One of the children played with one of those small story boxes where you keep opening it in a different way for the full story to unfold. She loved it and kept, starting again and again.

The heart of my short talk was the that even in the resurrection celebration of today, we still live in a reality of the the full Easter story week; ups and downs, good news and bad, people for you and misunderstanding you (I did not need to spell out the finer points!!) The Easter story includes the road to Emmaus and the upper room, where Jesus journeys and meets with us, and says Peace. This is the appropriate Easter Sunday hope, we are not alone as life comes around and around and around. God’s love is always on repeat.


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