Wondering Wednesdays – storytelling

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On Saturday evening a few of us gathered in the grounds of St Wilfrid’s Community Centre and around this fire told stories. Towards the end I was asked to read out this poem by Edwina Gateley. I would like to make more time for storytelling…
The sharing
We told our stories
That’s all.
We sat and listened to each other
and heard the journeys of each soul
We sat in silence
entering each one’s pain and
sharing each one’s joy.
We heard love’s longing
and the lonely reachings-out
for love and affirmation.
We heard of dreams shattered.
And visions fled.
Of hopes and laughtero
turned stale and dark.
We felt the pain of isolation
and the bitterness of death.
But in each brave and lonely story
God’s gentle life
broke through
and we heard music in the darkness
and smelt flowers in the void.
We felt the budding of creation
in the searchings of each soul
and discerned the beauty
of God’s hand in
each muddy, twisted path.
And his voice sang
in each story
his life sprang from
each death.
Our sharing became
one story
of a simple lonely search
for life and hope and oneness
in a world which sobs for love.
And we knew that in our sharing
God’s voice with mighty breath
was saying love each other and
take each other’s hand.
For you are one though many
and in each of you I live.
So listen to my story
and share my pain and death.
Oh, listen to my story
and rise and live with me.


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