Honest Christianity: look again

image_fbc89a02-9102-483d-a4db-0be15694e25020180410_204328 (2)I I am sure like me, you receive lots of photos, images etc over social media every week. This is one of the ones I kept, I am sure you can appreciate several reasons why. Stopping, slowing down is something many of us have learnt to do even though it is against our instinctive nature.  Being down at the level of where a child sees from, their eye level view, their perspective offers a different vantage point . At the hospital I enjoying kneeling on the floor by the bedsides, eye to eye with our patients. (Harder to stay down for very long and getting back up)!! One of he many things I appreciate about how my colleagues at the hospital relate to the children, is that the children don’t get spoken down to. They are genuinely respected and listened to.

This week, Sally  and I have a Child Theology Movement Trustees meeting. The picture is another take on the mandate of Jesus to take seriously the blessing, perspective of children, of being like a child. we owe it to them, ourselves and it seems, for the coming of the Kingdom.


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