Wondering Wednesdays – come and see

Yesterday I preached and presided at our patronal festival. A small group of us gathered and shared soup, bread and cake together before the Eucharist. It was a time of being together and remembering. The picture is of the old church I never knew…
I preached from John 1.46 where Philip says to Nathanael ‘come and see’. I invited people to talk about what people would see if we said come and see to them. It was so encouraging to hear people talking about so many different facets of the church, particularly someone who had come to see! I shared how both Paul and I found church in our adolescence when different friends said the equivalent of come and see. I also talked about James – the unsung hero – we know very little about him, but there is very little to come and see if people in the background are not getting on with all the things that help a church to function and people like me to stand up front talking about coming and seeing. I pondered too, if churches take on the characteristics of the saints they are named after. We are both Philip and James – people out their connecting and saying come and see the many different things we do over the week but also people ensuring there is something to come and see. It is not the only way of looking at what we do but on the day we remember our patronal saints it is a way of explaining some of who we are.


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