Honest Christianity: Is there such a thing as Ordinary Time?

ordinary timeIn the liturgical calendar that many of our denominations follow, the season between Trinity Sunday and Advent is called Ordinary Time. We have Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent and Pentecost in fairly quick succession, and Ordinary time represents a time in the church year where there are no special celebrations, no key festivals (apart from Harvest for some) or events in the life of our faith. A time of pause, in between major events in the church year.  This was a thought triggered by today’s sermon at Hodge Hill Church.

It begs the question, is there such a thing as Ordinary time for Christians?   Is it that we should always be going full pelt, always on an up, celebrating the highs or are there times when our lives can just be ok, a bit plodding, ordinary?

If we were to link this to last week’s blog, our need for the spectrum of different times; recovery time, rest time, re-creation time, restorative time is after and during celebration times, activity times, busy times, hectic times. There is sometimes peer and social pressure for all our times to be photo posting worthy, spectacular, alongside this there is posting the ordinary, the normal, the everyday.  Some commentators would suggest that this is bland and mundane but perhaps it is helpful to remind each other, sometimes are lives are rightly ordinary.

Perhaps then a time for everything.


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