Wondering Wednesdays – (still) reflecting on vulnerability

IMG_20160827_134851391 - Copy.jpg

It is not easy writing a booklet on vulnerability – the stories I have been told trigger all sorts of thoughts in me:

Faced with our own vulnerability, we often experience extreme fear (McFadden 2008:133).

I have increasingly realised that early experiences in hospital as a young child which I don’t fully remember mean that I am overly fearful anytime I think I may be ill or something happens.  My body is vulnerable.  A tear in my retina this year brought that back to me – apparently I did nothing to bring it on – it happens to some of us with age – and not even old age!

What I have also increasingly realised is that my vulnerability is less of an issue if I share it with and allow myself to be supported by others (and God):

In contrast to fear, compassionate love – or agape – ‘links empathy, understanding and justice, promoting interdependence’ (Rumbold 2006:41).



McFadden, S. H. (2008).  Mindfulness, vulnerability, and love:  Spiritual lessons from frail elders, earnest young pilgrims, and middle aged rockers.  Journal of Aging Studies, 22, pp.132-9.

Rumbold, B. (2006).  The spirituality of compassion:  A public health response to ageing and end of life care.  In E. MacKInlay (Ed), Aging spirituality, and palliative care (pp.31-44)  New York:  Haworth Press.



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