Honest Christianity: What is holiness?

“God has not promised to take away our trials, but to help us change our attitudes towards them. This is what holiness really is. In this life, happiness is rooted in our basic attitude towards reality.”

I was struck by this reading this week, firstly that it linked trials and holiness and secondly it also linked it to happiness as well. It resonated with me because if we feel illness is a punishment, or a withdrawal of God’s blessing, then when we are ill, where does that leave our attitude towards a loving God. Our attitudes towards being ill, hassled, bullied etc is caught up in how we view God. God does not have to will these things for us for them to happen, crap just happens. God promises to be with us, help us, resource us. This is how I view hardships, it helps me be more resilient and healthier in my view of God. Crap happens, but God is for me!

I am sure this is unrelated to it being on our 32nd wedding anniversary!! High maintenance, little easy going me!!

Reference: The Daily Reader for Contemplative Living Father Thomas Keating p165


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