Honest Chrisitianity – things I should have known

I grew up in South Essex in an area called Thurrock, or more locally pronounced “Furrock”. I never remember it being explained for being famous for anything particular, it has some historical forts by the river Thames and since has been the setting for a few film. My favorite would be the funeral church in 4 weddings and a funeral. What has amused me over the past few years is to see adverts for cruises arriving and departing from Tilbuy, London!! You might be more than a bit disappointed not being able to see Tower Bridge as you dock (25 miles away). Tilbury did not have a travel destination reputation when I grew up next door. It was rough when i grew up near by, is not a place I have ever been proud to be associated with.

This was until this year, I have no recollection growing up that the Emoure Windrush docked at Tilbury, 21 June 1948, 70 years ago. Now best remembered for bringing one of the first large groups of post-war West Indian immigrants to the UK. One can speculate why I didn’t know, no one interested, something not to be proud of, I am not sure who I can ask. I would not say the area I grew up in was welcoming of perceived outsiders.

Recent news would suggest we still have not got a 100% grateful attitude to those who cam to help the “motherland”. I understand there is now a plaque commemorating the event. Perhaps and hopefully things will continue to change. Personally, I plan to make it my new introduction…”oh I come from near where the Windrush landed”, proud indeed.


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