Wondering Wednesdays – strangers on a train

I rarely travel with a dog collar on. On Sunday I was travelling back from an ordination service wearing one of my brighter clergy shirts! There was a group returning home from a stag party on the train and one of them engaged me in conversation quite regularly, largely apologising if they were disturbing me. It was a little bit noisy but nothing offensive. At one point one of his friends came and sat down and started sharing some of his recent life story. I was very deeply moved and got a tiny glimpse into the work Paul does. They were saying how sometimes it is so much easier to talk to strangers than people you know and I was glad I was that stranger that day. But I don’t think they would have been talking to me if I wasn’t wearing a dog collar and it made me reflect on whether I should do it more often. I was then wearing one on Monday on a different train journey – not a word or a comment from anyone! I wonder what will happen next time I travel in my priestly garb.


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