Friday photo – remembering Roger Scott

Roger Scott
Perhaps it is because I went back to Reading, where I grew up, this week.
Perhaps it is all the comparisons with the summer of ’76.
Perhaps it is because I am doing a lot of drive time driving and not always enjoying what I am listening to but I found myself missing Roger Scott this week. He was a DJ on Capital Radio and offered a soundtrack to some of my teenage years – grab a little piece of heaven with Roger Scott 3 to 7 – homework time! Somewhere in the loft is an unspent record token that I got for sending in a suggestion for three oldies to play – I treasured it rather than spent it. I can’t really explain the connection I felt with his show – he was a ground breaking DJ and remembering and reading about him reminds me why I so enjoyed Simon Mayo’s show, there are similarities. Another person who died too young, I am grateful for the joy his show brought me and the artists he introduced me to – including Bruce Springsteen.


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