Wondering Wednesdays – God’s gallery

I love this picture of my beautiful friend Becca and I on the beach at Tynemouth – the sea is my favourite place to be and when I was wondering about blogs for holiday time this seemed like a great picture to go with a reflection I came across when getting my kindle ready to take away:
God made all things just for the joy of it.
Like an artist.
Jonathan Edwards said the whole world is like God’s gallery – displaying God’s magnificent works of art. Everything around us is telling us about God.
Every snowflake whispers, ‘it’s God who made us beautiful, not us, but him!’
Every woodland creature proclaims ‘How beautiful is the one who made us!’
God is singing to our hearts through a silver birch blazing like lightning in a forest of firs.
The universe is telling us it didn’t create itself. God did!
And do you know what God says is his absolute Masterpiece?
For you are God’s masterpiece (Ephesians 2.10)

Sally Lloyd Jones Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing


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