Wondering Wednesdays – the little things you miss

We have just got back from a couple of weeks in California. One of the things that took a while to work out was how to buy petrol! Our cards didn’t work in the pay at pump version but we still couldn’t work out how to start pumping gas! Finally we realised we had to go inside and prepay a certain amount and were then allowed to fill the car. When I said what I usually do at home, fill the car and then go and pay once I know how much petrol the car will take, I was looked at with incredulity. More than once I was told that if they allowed that people would just drive away without paying. Trying to guess how much fuel the car would take was challenging and a couple of times we overestimated and found it really hard to fill it up to the top! I have never thought about how petrol is sold at home, filling the car is one of those chores that often seems tedious (although I am very grateful for my car!). Now, however, it will remind me of the importance of trust and I am grateful for the trust that I will act honourably. It seems to me that is important for society and sad when we can’t do that. It wasn’t all like that – I accidentally gave a $20 bill instead of a $1 and the person who was selling me a smoothie gave it back to me and made sure I only paid the correct amount – it would have been easy for him to pocket it. Little things are important.


One thought on “Wondering Wednesdays – the little things you miss

  1. Surely Dr. Sally it reminds us that our country is good in so many ways too. It been confusing paying with dollars here. I think I miss chips ad cup of tea mainly. @Washington travelling soon.

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