Honest Christianity: What is worse than sin?

A dumb question? Surely nothing, right? Sin is not great, not the way to live, treat others, our planet? When I first heard this question asked about 30 years ago, I did not think there was anything, I was in a Church that took sin very seriously.

The answer the speaker gave was a positive one, there was something worse than sin, grieving God, humanity, yourself. The answer they gave was yes, “lying about sin”.

The uncovering of the pandemic around the world of the various forms of abuse by religious leaders is too atrocious for words. Lying about it, covering up these sins, may not be worse than the abuse, but it does make it much, much worse. Both are inexcusable. From reports of survivors and others, this has not been good enough. How can we disagree?

What did we think Jesus meant when he said, it would be better for those to be thrown into the sea if we sinned against children?

To say something is unforgivable in an insult to the will power, generosity, graciousness of humanity, even if understandable. But this is not ours to ask or expect. Our response is to continue to bring transparency, honesty, no excuses, full unequivocal apology, action and commitment to never sin or lie, cover up about such sins ever again. No matter what motives.

To all victims of any kind of abuse by any adult in responsibility, we are sorry for the sins of all generations.


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