Friday photo – sequoia trail of 100 giants


I get some of my concerns into perspective when standing by a tree which may be over 1500 years old! One of the joys of visiting California was seeing landscapes which are very different to our own. I can’t help but reflect on God when surrounded by the beauty and majesty of creation. I have always enjoyed trees and some of my happy childhood memories are of the shape of the poplars in the local park, gathering conkers down the cut through to the park, picking up acorns and being fascinated how something so little could turn out as big as the oak tree I was looking at. Walking round the trail there were trees we could hide in, trees woven together, fallen trees you could walk across and uprooted trees that remind me of the fragility of life. On Sunday I will share about the well-watered tree from Psalm 1 which is a metaphor I draw on often as I try to live my life.


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