Honest Christianity: How do we help bring in the reign of God?

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As some of our regular readers will know, Sally buys me an annual daily reading notes book every Christmas. I often refer to my readings for these blogs. A few weeks ago this has an idea and one particular line, that struck me.

We may begin to be aware that God, the Word made flesh, is dwelling at the very centre of our being. In any case, the movement towards interior silence triggers a phenomenon that might be called centering. St John of the cross …says we are attracted to God as to our centre, like a stone towards the centre of the earth. If we remove the obstacles, the ego-self with all its paraphernalia, and surrender to God, we penetrate through the various layers of our psyche until we reach the very centre or core of our being. At that point there remains one more centre to which we may advance. This centre is the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who dwell at the inmost centre of our being. It is out of that Presence that our whole being emerges at every moment. To be at this centre is eternal life. To remain at this centre in the midst of activity is what Christ called the reign of God.

This last line i really found helpful as we often refer to the glory and reign of God, and I am not sure we really can explain what we mean by these terms. Being joined to the Trinity is conceptual, but I think I know what some of that means, and if doing this, through knowing I am a child of God, in relationship with God,by prayer, seeking and asking to be refilled with the Holy Spirit etc. If this is what it means to see the reign of God, I am a little less mystified and a little more encouraged.

The Daily Reader for Contemplative Living Father Thomas Keating August 21st


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