Wondering Wednesdays – Why?


Why is perhaps the most difficult pastoral question I ever get asked or ponder on for my own life. I found this poem/reflection really helpful, I found it on a chaplaincy discussion list and I am using it here with permission of the author. I don’t think it needs further comment from me.
I know it well.
I’ve kind of got used to it,
my “why?” being around.
I can hold it, contain it,
walk with it,
even run with it,
but mostly sit with it
turning it over and over,
until every bit of goodness
has been absorbed,
or sometimes spit,
but always take another bite,
even if out of habit.

But your “why?” I do not know,
it has grown in a different place.
Even though I may think
and see something of myself in it
it is yours and is a song of gods
and adventures that is yours
not mine.
Your “why?” is a different fruit?

So I listen
and use my hard earned gifts
to contain, walk,
run and sit.
And together we bring into daylight
a hidden honesty,
take a bite
and chew.
David Buck (c) 2018.


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