Honest Christianity: Ok to call someone a dog?


If I ever had a month’s opportunity to study, I would enjoy and benefit from studying what is commonly referred to as the “hard sayings of Jesus”. The story of this blog is the encounter of Jesus and the Syro-Phoenician woman asking him to heal her daughter of possession of an evil spirit. His response…”for it is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs” (Mark 7. 24- 30).
We can be generous with Jesus, that he is possibly provoking the woman to think, justify her request as a non Jew, wait a minute and I will be with you after I have ministered to God’s chosen people, Jesus being blunt to a foreigner or other possibilities. I have one other for us to consider.
I have always been interested in Jesus’s levels of self understanding. When during his life time, the first 30 years, baptism, transfiguration, 3 years of ministry, on the cross, resurrection, what degree of knowing, certainty, absolute clarity did he have of who he ss, where he had come from and was going back to. I wonder if this response was out of a growing revelation of the who this new Kingdom rule was for? i am not a fan of process theology but it seems reasonable to ask, was this a learning experience for Jesus. As our vicar Al reflected this morning, was this a cultural response?
What ever it is, Jesus responds to faith, to a trust in God’s goodness, to express this new inclusive Kingdom of compassion, love, grace and mercy. Salvation available for all, always.


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