Go the Distance: we control the weather!

image_b8ab207f-05bb-4dda-9ead-d9baefc19e3c20181006_203751 (1)
This title sounds like a sci-fi film, some futuristic good news then all goes terribly wrong story line. Of course, some might say we are already controlling our weather, if not in control, at the very least responsible for some of it due to our conduct and treatment of our planet and its resources.

Our image gives us another element of controlling the weather, the way we can set the tone in our contexts. I have done a previous blog about us being thermostats not thermometers. By our actions, our attitudes we can create an environment for positive or negativeness. We are no longer comfortable saying we should take, have control over others, this is normally understood as an oppressive manner. But I think our image suggests another aspect.

We can decide tomorrow if it is gloomy and rainy for lots of people or sunny and feel good. Let’s choose sunny to lift the spirits of those who we have no idea of what the weather has been for yesterday.


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