Wondering Wednesdays – questions and answers

img_20181016_093615098-1635227901.jpgQuestions get me thinking, I like their use in liturgy.  I keep a communion set in my office as well as at home. One of the things I enjoy is reflecting on which Eucharistic prayer to use. There are two prayers the Church of England have authorised to be used when there are children present. I use them both but particularly like the one which asks three questions (echoes of the beginning of passover meals I have attended):
Why is it right to give thanks and praise?
Why do we share this bread and wine?
How do we follow Jesus?
To each question the response is ‘Listen and we will hear’ and part of the prayer is prayed.

I am daily reminded of the answer to the first question as I seek to see God in creation – the world and humanity:

Lord of all life, you created the universe, where all living things reflect your glory.  You give us this great and beautiful earth, to discover and to cherish.  You give us sun and moon and star-lit sky, everything that gives us light, light for our eyes, our hearts, our minds.  You made us all, each wonderfully different, to join with the angels and sing your praise.

At a time when I am facing challenges in different settings I continue to ask for God to give me light in my eyes, my heart and mind and to value each wonderfully different person who crosses my path.


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