Wondering Wednesday – sharing worship


Once a week we have staff prayers and we take it in turns to lead and can choose what we do. Yesterday I used this from the Methodist Thy Kingdom Come Worship in Wonder booklet.  What blessed me today was listening to the different insights everyone had, firstly as we looked at the picture and secondly as we reflected on the Bible reading.  We wondered about many things… I gained insights I would never have got on my own however long I would have sat there.  I know I am privileged to work in a Christian context and to be able to share worship with colleagues.  Today it is prayer and toast and then worship with students.  I get to see Christ mediated through many different perspectives and these enrich me and help me to grow.  Learning from each other is something I am passionate about and I try to encourage students to share and speak to as I can learn from anyone and everyone and never want to stop learning!

The picture is called the Dalit Madonna by Jyoti Sahi.


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