Honest Christianity: rights and responsibilities

We saw this when we were on holiday last week. As frequent reader’s will know, is that I am keen on exploring the tensions between personal and corporate rights and responsibilities.

Sometimes it seems those in certain situations or scenarios, it is judged that humanity might need some extra incentive to do the right thing or not to do the wrong thing. On the one hand it seems a shame that we need encouragement not to behave in a certain manner. The other, perhaps more generous, sometimes it is helpful to see the implications of our potential behaviour. Even with this giving the benefit, it is still appealing to a self focused incentive. Would someone tempted to misuse the ring, be differently motivated, if it said “a loved one” or a complete stranger might need it.

To put my ethical cards on the table, sometimes, not doing the wrong thing or doing the right thing, is just the right thing to do or not do. This should be enough incentive in its own “right”. The Church has got ourselves in so much trouble, oppressed others by living by other ethical approaches.


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