Honest Christianity: is this how the Church is seen?

This is another picture from our recent holiday in Cornwall. It is of a low tide in St Ives harbour.

I have the utmost respect for the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute)their volunteers are full of courage and sacrifice to help save those in danger at and in the sea. But this image did amuse me. I obviously don’t know why this boat was in the harbour during low tide, I am sure there were other boats available for this piece of coast.

As a fan and disciple of theological reflection, I am intuitively asking what insights of the Kingdom might I find during my everyday. This picture prompted me to think about how the Church is perceived. Is it there for for those in need but not really in a position to help? Is the Church seen as being beached and immobilised, looks fine, and ready, but unable to help because of where it finds itself. And even if it so afloat, is it only for those in danger for their life?

Thankfully so many Churches are so engaged in our local communities, these are non questions. We are serving, supporting, integrated into normal lives as well as there and ready when life gets difficult. We are seen to be important, valued and called upon for those in need.


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