Wondering Wednesdays – little nuggets

man holding sheep statuette

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am on a study break trying to turn my PhD into an accessible book on shame and ministry. Every now and then I come across something I have written that I had forgotten about but want to spend some more time pondering…. This is one of those things, it may not make it into the book but is a helpful insight as I also think about formation:
In a fascinating Jungian hermeneutic of this parable Veliyannoor identifies the concepts of “Christic potential” and “Christic differential” suggesting that the latter “refers to the differential between where one is now and the centered position of the Self/Christ/Imago Dei that is one’s Christic potential” (2009:246) and the importance of realizing that the Imago Dei has always been present.

Veliyannoor, P. V. (2009). The Parable of a Father and Two Sons: Jungian Hermeneutics and Therapeutic Applications. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 28(4), 338-349.


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