Going the Distance: sacrifice for progress

On this day 36 years ago, December 2, 1982, in Ohio, USA, Barney Clark became the world’s first recipient of an artificial heart. He knew he would not live for very long but wanted to contribute to scientific progress. He lived for another 112 days. During which time he felt so ill, he apparently struggled with the consequences of his decision.

The “God becoming human” story of advent and Christmas are not often described as sacrifice for progress. But without this choice of informed risk, what quantity of life would the rest of us have, medically or spiritually? Because so many of us have benefited from this sacrifice, we perhaps forget the ethical judgements made 2000 years ago and every day since.

The sacrifice of Jesus for the greater good, regardless of personal cost, continues to be imitated in every generation. Let us continue this example this advent as we wait and prepare for the greatest sacrifice ever known to humanity and God, He gave it all up, that we might have life.

Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/remembering-barney-clark-whose-ethically-questionable-heart-transplant-advanced-science-180961271/#0O6JqmKCYF3AZ7kc.99


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