Wondering Wednesdays – fairytale pictures


At the end of our writing week we treated ourselves to afternoon tea in a local hotel. Sitting looking out at the window and what looked to me like a fairytale picture left me reminiscing of the fun I had playing in my wendy house when I was a little girl. But this was much more exciting! But there was a reality when we got up close that we couldn’t see through the window – it was an abandoned wedding scene blown over chairs, table cloths on the ground and everything still at risk of more damage from the wind and the rain. We need to try to look beyond the superficial sometimes.

I am mindful at this time of year that there can be a bit of pressure for a fairytale Christmas that we need to do our best to resist. I have had several conversations with people about the challenges that Christmas brings and I am leading another blue Christmas service on 19th December for those who want a space where they can acknowledge the bits of the season that are hard. But I am reminded too that the Christmas story is not a fairy tale, it is about Jesus, God who came to dwell among us and who has changed my life forever.


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