Friday photo – remembering with gratitude


If I had been on Facebook 25 years ago yesterday I may well have got a memory pop up. Paul and I went to Portsmouth for the 50th Anniversary of D Day.  We had previously toured the different places in France that are part of the story as well as those which are in England and even Scotland where we saw the remains of a Mulberry Harbour block.

I cannot imagine what it must have been like and my eyes have been filled with tears as I have watched and listened to some of the coverage over recent days. We went 25 years ago to pay respects and to say we still need to remember.

I am so sad about the dissonance between some of the values expressed then and some of the values which are expressed now. A world at peace would allow for human flourishing, a world without violence would make a difference to the whole of creation. I am always aware that change has to start with me and that I need to show some of the courage that the men and women we have been hearing stories about demonstrated 75 years ago. We are hearing from the last few of that generation, let’s treasure their stories and wonder in what ways we can do our bit in trying to make a better world.



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