Wondering Wednesdays – Transforming Shame

shame cloud

I am part of a recently formed group of people who have an interest of the topic of shame in the church.  We have set up a Facebook Group called Transforming Shame where we hope to be able to share resources and engage in discussion.

I have very nearly finished my book on shame and share the passion to help people understand what it is, what may trigger it, and how we might support those who are experiencing shame as well as encourage less disgrace shaming in the church.  Do think about liking the page if you are interested in the topic too and let us know if there are particular things you would like us to discuss.

Jon Ronson wrote an excellent book about shame which explored some of the ways people are shamed on social media, So you’ve been publicly shamed where he describes shame like this:

Shame is an incredibly inarticulate emotion, it’s something you bathe in, it’s not something you wax eloquent about.  It’s such a deep, dark, ugly thing, there are few words for it (p271).

We want to help shame to be named, understood and transformed.


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