Go the Distance: How to deal with a poor selfie

I am away on my annual weekend retreat with one of my oldest best friends. This is the poor selfie of us on 3 Cliffs Bay on the Gower,  South Wales staying at a friend’s mobile home.

I have blogged about the benefits of this time in and of its self and as a part of my “Marker Posts and Shelters” Rule and Rythm of life and ministry. What struck me in this time away was how spending time with people who know you very well and where there is relationship and permission to speak in to each other’s lives, is that there becomes very little room for a delusional self image. The possibility to tell each other honest, edgy stuff about the past year and have it just have it slide by without comment, just does not happen. Dave even described our weekend away at a local Church this morning as our “accountability weekend”!

We spend much of our time reflecting on the past year, praying and blessing each other, and definitely, pushing back to clarify that is how it feels and looks and it really is. A time to refocus and try a different angle.

I am thankful to God and them, for having a few people I trust and who love me, to have this type of relationship with.


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