Musing Aloud: Jamais vu, that doesn’t sound familiar!

This was a term I came across for the first time a few weeks ago. It means the opposite to déjà vu, (the vivid sense you’ve experienced something before). It is when something happens which seems like it should be familiar, ordinary, but isn’t. It could be a place, a word, a person. You would normally know this instinctively, but it feels like you have heard the word, or being in the place for the first time.

It can be associated with certain types of illnesses and conditions such as epilepsy.

It made me think about how this would be helpful in developing our spirituality. To look at something, the sea, a hill, a flower, a person, as though we were seeing, experiencing it for the first time. Seeing a Bible, reading a passage of scripture, hearing the story of Jesus, being in Church, as though it were completed unfamiliar to us. How potentially fresh could life, our faith be to us?

This might become how I describe, explain Theological Reflection. It might help us to understand we can listen, look at the familiar, and expect to find, discover a fresh insight about God, faith or the Kingdom.

May this be our late summer blessing, Jamais vu to our searching Spirits.

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