Wondering Wednesdays – a fake new year but a new decade

Ever since I started school my new year has begun in September so January tends to be a time when I scribble down some resolutions that I don’t really look at – not a particularly useful habit. However, a new decade awaits, and probably one with the most personal changes since the 80s and that is both exciting and scary. I am likely to retire at some point, I may well become the oldest person in my family and I will explore what pursuing my vocation looks like in a new phase of life. I have no idea yet when these things will happen but I am aware I need to both prepare and trust God. Isaiah 43 has been important to me for over 40 years and I do better when I remember to fear not and to see glimpses of the new thing God is doing. I read the poem Continue yesterday by Maya Angelou who wrote it for Oprah, a couple of the verses stood out as things I want to continue to try to live out. The importance of equality was brought home to me studying my A levels and I struggle with a society that seems to live by the Orwellian notion that some are more equal than others. As someone who spent too many years trying to feel comfortable in her own skin and to live out the reality that I am a beloved child of God these words are ones I needed to hear many years ago. I go into a new decade with trust, faith, hope and courage knowing that both sadness and joy will be a part of it and wondering what I might write in ten years time.


My wish for you
Is that you continue

To be who and how you are
To astonish a mean world
With your acts of kindness

To remind the people that
Each is as good as the other
And that no one is beneath
Nor above you


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