Wondering Wednesdays – empty spaces, head full of memories

On Saturday I said a final farewell to the space I had inhabited for 22 years in my role as Director of Midlands CYM. It was a strange and sad day and it is important for me to mourn and grieve what has been lost.

As I walked round empty rooms remembering conversations, worship, teaching, presiding… so many memories came flooding back. Memories of people, of stories, of grace, of overcoming, of flourishing, of struggling, of becoming.

However, the head full of memories also fills me with gratitude and joy and what is not lost is an investment in many people over many years by so many staff and students. We learn together, from each other and I always feel I gain at least as much as I give in any learning situation.

Thus it really is the end of an era as the building passes to new hands this week. But the legacy continues across the world of people sent out to pursue and fulfil their vocation in the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.


2 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesdays – empty spaces, head full of memories

  1. So true, also felt the sadness but will forever be grateful for my time as a student and as a learning educator. Your inspiration, encouragement and wisdom have shaped, moulded and enabled me so a huge thank you!


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