Wondering Wednesdays – new sense of meaning

There are times it feels like I am looking through mist as I seek to explore where I am and where I am going.

Parker J Palmer is often a really good companion for my journey bringing insight and a fresh perspective. I read this a while back and it has become particularly poignant as I forge a new way of working now I am unexpectedly freelance:

I’ve found a question that’s already brought me a new sense of meaning. I no longer ask, ‘What do I want to let go of, and what do I want to hang on to?’ Instead, I ask, ‘What do I want to let go of, and what do I want to give myself to?‘ The desire to ‘hang on’ comes from a sense of scarcity and fear. The desire to ‘give myself’ comes from a sense of abundance and generosity.

This is such a life-giving insight for me and one that has been encouraged by Paul as I make choices about what I give myself to, which isn’t always about the money I can earn from it. Replacing lost income is part of what I need to consider but I am in a fortunate position that it is not all I need to consider. I am excited about opportunities to do things that I have not been able to do before and to work in wider contexts and with different people, continuing to learn, explore as well as hopefully share some of the wisdom, knowledge and skills I have learnt over the years. I am grateful for those who are reaching out to me to be involved in various projects and will also reach out to see what else may be out there for me.

#meaning #giving #vocation

Parker J Palmer View from the Brink: What I Can See from Here Kindle version location 484 2018 BK Publishers

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