Wondering Wednesdays – collectively creative #LentVoices

So yesterday was Shrove Tuesday and I was involved in a zoom pancake party at church! Sadly Paul was zooming California teaching chaplaincy so I had to cook them myself – definitely not my skill area!

And today Lent begins. My picture is a jar of ash, ready for me to ash myself in a zoom service. Another new experience, I always get someone else to ash me and I will miss that this year.

But my biggest new experience for this Lent is working with a fantastic group of other freelancers on a Lent Reflection project #LentVoices. Mine will have a bit of a spiritual practices focus.

Have a read and explore some of the exciting things we all get up to outside of this project…
We are a diverse group of Christian freelancers who have collaborated to curate daily reflections during Lent. Each week will have a theme, explored 6 different ways on 6 days.

Mark Berry – Pioneer, Teacher, Speaker and Poet. Mark helps groups and individuals break boundaries, engage with culture and grow community. https://www.mark-berry.co.uk/ https://picturapoesis.blog/

Andy Campbell – Coach, Trainer, Artist, Poet and occasional square peg. Andy helps people work out who they are, and what their next step might be. https://qawah.co.uk

James Fox Robinson – Creative, 3rd Order Franciscan, Dreamer, Professional Nuisance. James is passionate about curating spaces for people to engage with God’s story, physically and digitally. http://www.jamesfoxrobinson.blog https://bit.ly/3akNVzR

Lucie Hutson – teacher and learner, created and creator, speaker and pioneer. Lucie is passionate about helping people to wander and wonder in the world around us. www.muddychurch.co.uk

Hasna Khatun – Ordained Pioneer Minister in the C of E. Teacher and Professional Actor/Presenter/Voiceover. Hasna lives to eat and laugh sparingly… She’d like to write an alternative script for Barbie, Ken and Cindy and adores the people who don’t fit in. www.linkedin.com/in/hasna-khatun-b0941b204/

Sally Nash – Author, Researcher, Educator, Priest, Mentor, Spiritual Accompanier. Sally is passionate about helping people fulfil their potential and make a bigger difference in their world. www.sallynash.co.uk

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