Friday photo – joy bringer

Red post box

I am making regular trips to the end of our road in the hope that I am reciprocating some of of the joy I have experienced in recent months.

I have been so grateful for the cards and gifts that have arrived at different times since September in particular.

One of the things I am trying to do in Lent is send one card and one gift each week in the spirit of random acts of kindness and seeing who and what seems right.

The embodied nature of a card, letter or parcel helps me feel connected a little more than an email or social media contact, as much as I appreciate those.

On one of our church zooms Allanah reminded us of how much post is appreciated and that was a helpful reminder of something I know well but can be a bit flakey on following up on. That’s why I like Lent, it gives me a fixed period to focus on. And I am putting it out here to be accountable not to try and demonstrate my virtue.

What are you doing differently in Lent?

#lent #randomactsofkindness

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