Covid-19 Musing Aloud: Right Help, Right Time

I (Paul) had a Safeguarding training session this week and we revisited the Right Help, Right Time document and process. As many of us know, it is designed to help assessment of what type of intervention is appropriate according to the the situation.

As well as being an extremely helpful reminder of what and when to keep children safe, the 4 headings of:                  

1. Universal needs
2. Universal plus. 3. Additional needs. 4. Complex/Significant Needs

These are helpful concepts to apply to other contexts.                                             

Our Universal spiritual needs of being connected can be creatively met but our other external and or internal pressures can lead to us needing additional interventions. The chaplaincy team have enjoyed sharing our Lifting and Soothing Spirits stones with patients, families and staff alike. They also frequently precipitate tears of release, gratitude, as we offer choice of a stone or a Virtual Hug.

Sometimes we may have the insights to assess additional needs or perhaps, as a more accessible action to most of us, we offer random/ planned universally appreciated acts of kindness. Then other needs quickly emerge, grateful for the trigger and an opportunity can be shared and engaged with.

Lent is often now used as an opportunity to offer additional care as well as personal sacrifices. This season is indeed the right time for the right loving reaching out care.

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