Wondering Wednesdays – what are our spiritual needs?

I am spending time at the moment reflecting on different elements of spirituality as I work on materials as part of what I want to offer in this next season, through training and coaching. This is a list of spiritual needs from Joyce Bellous and Dan Sheffield and they argue that these are universal needs in their book Conversations that change us (Clements Publishing 2007). I am dialoguing with people over what language and concepts work best to explore some of this so do feel free to offer your thoughts…

Every human being has a spiritual need to


Mark significant moments

Bear witness to truths learned about life

Tell their story

Grieve and mourn


Connect with the past

Make significant journeys

Express themselves symbolically

Seek purpose and meaning

Ask ultimate questions

Survive and flourish

Experience longing and enjoy satisfaction



Cope with life circumstances

Be seen

Be heard

Have a name

Be part of a larger community

Organize experience meaningfully

Maintain human dignity

What would you add to this list? Where do you go to talk about your spiritual needs?

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