Friday photo – humbling – starting with God loves me #LentVoices

Did you, like me, play with daisies when you were younger, they love me, they love me not… Always surprised when it ended up they love me!  Unrequited love was a feature of my adolescence! 

But as I read John 13.1-17 I am reminded of the feelings I was first conscious of as a young woman, God loves me. 

I cannot imagine what it must have been like to be a disciple of Jesus, the one you had followed for three years, the one you saw as a leader, wanting to wash your feet.  Taking on the role of the most lowly servant.  Lovingly, carefully, washing my feet.

I understand the resistance.  I understand the reticence.  I understand wanting to be the one who washes, not the one who is washed.  It feels vulnerable for someone to wash my ugly feet.  It is humbling that someone would do an act such as that for me. 

I have followed many leaders over the years, some by choice, some through necessity, but the ones who have captured my heart, my passion, my commitment, have been the ones who are humble.  Like Jesus was, the ones who serve me as well as me serving them, the ones who see what needs to be done and do it, regardless of status, the ones who I know love me, ugly feet and all!

What is important to you in following a leader?


We are a diverse group of Christian freelancers who have collaborated to curate daily reflections during Lent. Each week will have a theme, explored 6 different ways on 6 days.

Andy Campbell – Coach, Trainer, Artist, Poet and occasional square peg. Andy helps people work out who they are, and what their next step might be.

James Fox Robinson – Creative, 3rd Order Franciscan, Dreamer, Professional Nuisance. James is passionate about curating spaces for people to engage with God’s story, physically and digitally. www.jamesfoxrobinson.blog

Lucie Hutson – teacher and learner, created and creator, speaker and pioneer. Lucie is passionate about helping people to wander and wonder in the world around

Hasna Khatun – Ordained Pioneer Minister in the C of E. Teacher and Professional Actor/Presenter/Voiceover. Hasna lives to eat and laugh sparingly… She’d like to write an alternative script for Barbie, Ken and Cindy and adores the people who don’t fit in.

Sally Nash – Author, Researcher, Educator, Priest, Mentor, Spiritual Accompanier. Sally is passionate about helping people fulfil their potential and make a bigger difference in their

Mark Berry – Pioneer, Teacher, Speaker and Poet. Mark helps groups and individuals break boundaries, engage with culture and grow community.

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