Musing Aloud: corporate preparation for the way of the Lord

What an interesting quest for our times. It implies there is role for us humans in the Easter story, objectives and achievements and certainly scope for identification with different people in the story. An opportunity to contribute towards the triumph, the tragedy and the resurrection. Help get ready for all this week has for Jesus and it’s meaning and consequences. I can’t read or hear the phrase without singing it, thank you Godspell!

I have always been interested in the people in the stories, if they are different or the same people in the Palm Sunday story and the Good Friday narrative. I got brought up on them being the same, fickle, peer and authority pressured people, but we don’t know. We certainly understand from the insights and experience of our own humanity, that either is possible.

Either way, everyone gets the opportunity to participate. In the same way as John the Baptist, we get to prepare the way for Jesus to be revealed in our contexts. We are not Jesus, but participants in the Jesus Kingdom being expressed. What a privilege to welcome humble Jesus in to our cities, towns and villages. To celebrate the gifts of healing, words of obscene grace, compassion, insight, understanding and loving kindness. This is what we can all witness to, celebrate for, join in with.

We all have hopes for coming out of lockdown; holidays, seeing family and friends, eating out. Some of these activities will just happen, some will need planning and preparation. As we look forward to a Covid-19 safe Easter, we plan to Easterise lament over the past year and celebrate for the forthcoming restriction lifting resurrection. Now, where is my Covid-19 risk assessed donkey?


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