Covid-19 Easter Sunday Musing Aloud: Resurrection lockdown timetable

Perhaps the irony and poignancy of this verse also struck you in our Easter readings for today. This familiar verse takes on a fresh meaning even in these days of vaccinations and gradual coming out of lockdown.

Even in the power of the resurrection miracle, being physically held is not always appropriate. Close but no closer. Timing is important in the revelation of our risen God Rabbi. Our Salvation hope is now and not yet. Sometimes we have to witness to the present and also wait for further time to elapse. Jesus has another appointment before he can be held. He has an encounter with the Father booked in before He can fully come out of the isolation of the tomb. There are rules for both Jesus and Mary to follow in the meantime. There is a correct order for this resurrection timetable. How frustrated must Mary have been. Come on Jesus, you have done the hard work, give me a hug!

When we get to the upper room, touch is not only allowed but encouraged, “touch me and see”, ” Thomas, put your finger here… reach out your hand”. Eating inside with a large group seems mandatory! The rules have changed, go and tell everyone and bring them all to me.

Perhaps you seen the above image or something similar. Heart felt longings from deep within, well perhaps not for all the introverts! Now where is that risen Lord Jesus, he had better had been to the Father by now. For all the last year has been, and the recovery I need, I need to never let go. I take comfort, God has and will not ever let me and you go.

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