Wondering Wednesdays – wishes…

As a child I used to make a wish as I blew out my birthday cake candles. Something which isn’t very helpful now – the blowing candles out with the danger of spitting on the cake!

I don’t remember anything I wished and I have no idea if any of them came true. But I do still wish.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is one of the theologians whose wisdom I find helpful. He writes this about wishes:

Wishes to which we cling too tightly can easily rob us of some of what we can and indeed ought to be. By contrast, wishes that we repeatedly overcome for the sake of our present tasks make us richer. The utter lack of wishes is actually poverty. One can have a fulfilled life despite numerous unfulfilled wishes.

I am repeatedly having to overcome wishes I have of understanding and being understood as I forge a new pathway in a different sort of world.

I am grateful for the encouragement I have had to keep on going and the generous compliments people have paid me as I could be living a very different life at the moment but that would be one which would have robbed me of what I can be. And that would be very bad for my spiritual health.

(Wondrously Sheltered. Augsburg Books p`14)

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