Friday photo – feeding time

I loved watching this little lamb go up to Mum and start feeding itself

Mum was so patient standing their until.her child had finished.

Feeding is a metaphor I play with a lot. I lAt my core one of the things I am is an educator. As such I have always seen education as mutual feeding.

I can tell stories of how I have been fed and nurtured by those I worked with as an educator as well as hopefully offering them food.

I also look to feed my spirit and soul and this walk did that. It was at the edge of what I can easily manage and offered amazing 360 degree views of Bodmin Moor.

I want also to feed my mind and that is where lockdown has been most challenging. Brain fog has made reading so hard for someone who grew up loving reading and devouring books. I have found it easier while away with new scenery etc but wonder what it will feel like back in the everydayness of Birmingham.

Body, mind, spirit – how are you doing with feeding any or all of these? Any tips?

I am enjoying developing my spiritual health materials, it gets me thinking about how I am balancing such things.

#spirit #feed

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