Covid-19 Musing Aloud, what next: How many loves in one picture?

I love it when a picture prompts a question, it is a helpful example of a reflective life. When I was going through my photos from the last 2 weeks break and working from Cornwall, this picture made me smile.

How many loves can you see, for me, perhaps a few contextualised for you?

In order of focus, and some might say questioning my priorities, Sally, my wife, a golf course, a Celtic cross and finally Dartmoor in the background.

I am sure you can see what these loves reflect. Most of us have had to draw deeply on existing rechargers, revisit old ones and discover new ones, to survive and perhaps even thrive during Covid-19 and lockdowns. There is lots of reflection now on the short, medium and long term effects on our mental and spiritual health and what we need going forward. My loves help me with what I need to for these categories or stages of recovery.

1. Rest / relax
2. Recharge                                                          3. Restore

Perhaps you can think of further Rs. What I like about this list is that it encourages me to reflect upon a supportive order. To allow ourselves the opportunity to rest before recharging before being restored in our recovery. Sometimes some loves enable overlapping of the stages, but to give ourselves space and place to recover is personal but essential.

My final reflection is that I have returned from my post lockdown break more physically tired than before I went because much of my rest and relaxation has been in doing lots of walking in places that I have really missed. But I am mentally and emotionally refreshed, my perspectives are restored and have begun my recovery.

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