Wondering Wednesdays – seeing the world their way

Rabbi Michael Paley writes
In our relationships with other people, we often ask to see their faces but maybe we should ask to see their backs so that we can see the world, maybe only for an instant, the way they see it.

I see this as a metaphor rather than a literal observation. But it is one I think is important, how can we see the world through the eyes of another? By listening is my usual experience. Having someone who listens to us rather than projects their interpretation on us can sometimes feel like a rare gift.

It is perhaps core to the role of a chaplain, a mentor, as well as a close friend or in another part of my world a good researcher!

Whose back do you need to see today? Or do you need to reach out to someone to see your back?

#perspective #mentoring

Paley cited in Joyce Rupp Boundless Compassion Notre Dame Sorin Books 2018 p24.

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