Covid-19 Musing Aloud: Glimpses

The covid-19 lifting of restrictions plan has given us promises and glimpses of returning to former joys and pleasures. Not yet, but soon.This unremarkable picture holds so much joy, pleasure and anticipation for me. It is the view from the patio table of the Anglesey farm we are staying on for the bank holiday weekend.
The photo might seem a bit dull, but if you look carefully, you will see a glimpse of the sea.

As a lover of the sea, this picture holds much promise and anticipation. What are the views like from walks, rooms in the cottage etc? Are they glimpses or full blown panoramics of the sea and mountains? If all goes to plan, holidays, eating out, meeting up, for some, physically being able to go into a shop, hair cuts, all are being looked forward, to and planned or may have already happened.

So far, the anticipation is being realised. But this is not always how life goes. What we are promised, planned, does not always come to pass. The glimpses do not always materialize into the full panorama it gives a tease of.

On this trip, I took us on a drive I did not know, in the hope of finding dinner and a view. A high bar given current restrictions mean we can’t eat inside and it was 12 degrees! At the third coastal village, we found a pub with views, serving food, with unfortunately, with every outside table in the shade and full. In hopeful anticipation, we waited around to see if folks would be leaving soon. It soon materialized that it was full with early gatherers and tables began to empty.

This is the view from our burger meal table, so worth waiting for. One of the best views I have ever had for a meal. Not glimpses, but full panorama of inspirational beauty. Sometimes our hopes are surpassed, the view, the haircut, the meal. Sometimes we need to prepare ourselves that glimpses, will never be any more than that.

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