Musing Aloud: what we are to the others

The stone in this picture doesn’t look much. It is on Bodmin moor and one of 1,000s to be seen in this barren, ancient landscape. For this stone, it’s significance can only be seen in relationship to the stones around it.

On this Trinity Sunday, it is helpful to reflect that sometimes it is only possible to identify who the individual persons of the Trinity are when we see them in relationship to each other. They make sense together. The Father is known for sending Jesus, Jesus is known for promising the Holy Spirit. Marks are seen, felt and heard, but sometimes our understanding and appreciation of the individual person’s of the Trinity, are comprehended in its richness, in community, it’s shape made together.

Sally always enjoys walking between the stone circles. One of my revelations that I did not have in my early Christian life, was my role and relationship in the Trinity. I belong in this community. I am welcome to join in, there is room for even me, for every one of us into the ancient of days, to stand as a witness together.

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