Musing Aloud: spiritual corridors

Wildlife corridors

Most days Sally and I watch with equal levels of inspiration and frustration as the squirrels that live in some unmanaged land at the back of our alley, get to our bird feeders. They have had to work much harder to get to our garden over the last year as we have pruned many of our larger trees. Previously, it had been very easy for them as the trees in adjoining land, over lapped with the trees in the alley, and in turn, overlap with the trees in our garden. As you can see from the picture, it is difficult to see what tree is where. Our garden is in fact small. We have left some branches in our garden and alley for the squirrels not to have to touch the ground and plenty of traveling safe havens and perches for the birds as well.

This wildlife corridor got me thinking about the spiritual corridors we can create for people to explore adjoining lands. Where one person might live, might be along way away from even a local church, but so many of our community projects including chaplaincy, provide the natural linking corridors. Much nourishment is found on the way in our fruit and berry trees, similar to what these linking, caring projects do. The stops become the destination, as we have not made a accessible safe way to our worshipping communities.

I have enjoyed the further reflection of the parallel that we did not put out the bird feeders out for the squirrels and have brought especially designed feeders to keep them out. I think Jesus had something to say about some of us being surprised about who was invited and who He came for.

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