Wondering Wednesdays – fear lies

One of my favourite pastimes is mooching around charity shops looking at books. My latest find is called You have breath for no more than 99 words. What would they be.

This is my favourite entry by Scilla Elworthy:

If I look back I see that fear lies to me.

‘You’ll fail,’ it said to me when I started out on the path. ‘Here’s how,’ painting detailed pictures of pain When I was on the way fear scared me again and again ‘Too weak, too old, turn back.’

I did walk on, encumbered by this load. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t what I’d been told.

I didn’t fail. Without the load I might have stumbled less.

The trick is to hear when it is fear speaking and hear it fast enough to let it drop.

‘Fear lies to me’ is such an evocative and powerful phrase and if that is the starting thought when I experience fear then I encounter it in a different way. Fear can hold us back from so much but when we know it lies it may be easier to push on through past it

In your experience does fear lie?

What would your 99 words be?

#fear #99words

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