Friday photo – storm tower

The building you can see on top of the hill is the storm tower in Bude. I have a necklace of it, being sold to raise funds to preserve it.

How much do we need both literal and metaphorical storm towers at the moment. Three storms in less than a week and there were three power cuts on Wednesday, after all the storms had blown through. Then yesterday waking up to the news of the invasion of Ukraine and this morning hearing live air raid warnings on Radio 4. I remember as a child seeing an air raid shelter in Grandma’s garden and hearing stories of time spent there in World War 2, Mum was 6 when war broke out.

We sat looking at the First World War memorial in Padstow on Monday. I felt deep sadness as the war to end all wars was far from that. I feel powerless, I pray, I hope, I try to act peaceably but today that doesn’t feel enough. What can we do to build a safer world?


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